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Statistics show that over 66% of all e-commerce shopping carts are abandoned, online customer service (live chat) improves the chance of a purchase by 40%-60%!

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Having a real person to talk to increases the probability of closing a sale by 300 % .

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Our chat operators are highly trained for converting leads into sales.

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Instant communication keeps customers coming back to your website.

Customer Satisfaction

Instant complaint resolution results in greater customer satisfaction.

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You Marketing ROI depends heavily on leads engagement & follow up .

Improve Retention Ratio

Instant support & feedback improves visitor’s retention ratio.






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Live Chat has the highest satisfaction level of all customer service channels .

Why Facebook Chatbot Sucks .. (Kinda) !

Facebook Bot platform , at the most can provide business with ,shallow interactions with customers in a non-contextual, convenient and not so pleasant way,

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