Expert Operators

Our Expert Sales Chat operators answer your customer queries within seconds. They will also upsell and cross-sell to increase average order value .

Cordial Staff

Our Chat agents are friendly and polite. All Sales & Support queries are handled in a friendly manner.


No waiting time .Our chat operators are available 24/7 . Each query is handled instantly.

Instant Notification

Our chat operators will notify you instantly via email / sms when sales lead is generated.

Chat Logs

Complete logs are provided for each chat instance. It keeps you aware of all the happenings on your site.

Instant Setup

It takes less than 1 minute to setup the chat widget on your website .


Quick Installation

Just paste a line of code in your website to get started. There’s no need to change the code in the future. If you are facing difficulties in implementing, our 24 / 7 chat agent will help you setup the chat widget. 


Mobile Friendly

Our chat widget is mobile friendly. It works on Android devices as well as iOS devices. It also works across iPad, Android tablets and any other devices which are running HTML5 browsers.


Custom Branding

Chat widget is custom designed to represent your brand. It adds professional look to your website and credibility for overall customer experience.


Pro-Active Chat

Pro Active chat invitations engage and attract customers . Our stats show a 100 % increase in lead generation because of pro active chat .

Secure Chat on SSL Websites

Enjoy secure encrypted chats on your SSL (https) web pages.

Cloud backup

All Chat logs are stored in the cloud.

Developer API

PowerfulAPI to extend and customize widget behavior

Integrates with your favorite service

Integration with your favorite CMS or support desks keeps your process streamlined