Effective lead conversion strategies can instantly give your business the boost that you have been waiting for. Without effectual conversion strategies, your business will not only suffer but will lose hundreds of dollars in unproductive advertising as well.

1. Study the Current Lead Conversion Rate

Before developing any other strategy for lead conversion, you must be fully aware of where you stand right now. Research has revealed that businesses can up their performance by almost 20% just by accurately measuring their current lead conversion rate.


2. Measure the Online Behaviour of the Leads

By studying the online behaviour of your leads, you develop a solid chance of improving lead conversion rates. Wasting time on unqualified leads will make your business lose both time and money. Analysing the behaviour will let you focus on those who have the potential of becoming a loyal customer.


3. Packaged Information on Offers

Businesses often wrongly assume that consumers are not interested in description of the various offers that they have put up. The consumer of today is keen about making informed and calculated decision, so provide them with a detailed packaged information that they can hang on to and come back to.


4. Strong Customer Support

A strong customer service program is like a backbone of the company, without which the business can tumble down easily. Consumers always come back to businesses that are reliable and who take care of the customer’s opinions and demands.


5. Offer Live Chat

According to Forrester, 45% of the consumers in US will forfeit their online transaction if their concerns are not instantly addressed. Live Chat reduces the time of response provided by customer services department thereby retaining the interest of the consumer.


6. The Power of Offers

Never underestimate what unusual offers with an element of surprise can do for your business. Always strive to create irresistible offer to the customer.


7. Polish Your Sales and Marketing Skills

All the technologically advanced options of generating and conversion leads cannot top the value of inside sales and marketing skills.


8. Follow Up Strategy

Qualified leads should never be left unattended. 80% of all major sales occur after only five continuous follow ups. Five is the key number of times which is long enough to build a relationship but short enough to easily remain consistent.


9. Understand the Needs of the Consumers

Surveys have been used by businesses for a long time now and they remain unparalleled in gaining insight about the needs of consumers.


10. Introduction to the Service or Product through Representations

Research has proven that what is spoken only delivers 7% of what has to be communicated while the way of saying it delivers five times more.