New research has found that modern day consumers can hardly wait for a few minutes to get a response from a business. If you want to play by the rules of the transforming market, you got to bring more speed and flexibility in your day-to-day customer interaction. On an average, a modern day consumer checks emails from his Smartphone every 36 minutes, checks Twitter every 39 minutes, and checks phone for texts every 48 minutes! How do you keep with this pace? The short answer is ‘Live Chat’. How can Live Chat help you in boosting sales and more importantly, convert casual visitors to your site into customers? There are quite a few reasons why you should consider integrating real-time chat application. Here are three biggest reasons to choose Live Support.

Your customers love it

Nothing is more effective in striking a conversation with a casual web visitor than Live Chat. 2013 US Wireless Customer Care Study revealed that 43% of conversions happen through Live Chat, whereas emails and social media could convert 23% and 16% of them, respectively. Customers love the immediacy and human warmth integral to the live chat experience. They feel secure and unwittingly start to trust the brand. Whether it’s about tracking an order or querying about a newly launched product, modern day customers are more comfortable with the idea of chatting straightaway than any other communication mode.

Increased chances of customer retention

Anderson Consulting conducted a survey recently which revealed that 62% of customers have admitted that they love shopping on sites that offer assistance through live chat. Using live chat can also spell significant cost benefits for your business since you do not have to spend a lot on shopping cart integration, email management and all that stuff. Customers who get positive support from businesses tend to return to the same e-store as they feel that it would be easier for them to purchase through that site.

Less service costs

Integrating live chat support to your website is super easy and there are quite a few software-based solutions providers who are offering now competitive pricing. On the other hand, each of your agents will be required to spend far less time per interaction compared to alternative customer support means such as telephonic support or email-based support. This can translate into reduced service costs for your business. An agent can single-handedly manage multiple chat sessions, drive traffic to your sales pages by providing exact URL and explain key benefits to each prospective customer.

In a nutshell, live chat support can increase sales and customer interaction in more than a few ways. You just need to exploit advanced technologies and reap significant benefits for your business.