The department of customer service in a company plays a crucial role in developing clientele for the business. The quality of support that the customer services provide is directly related to the growth of the business. Now, with Live Chat feature, which many websites are offering, the customer support response time has been considerably reduced leading to increase in customer satisfaction.

Numerous businesses still remain unaware of the advantages of Live Chat in the context of attracting potential buyers or in turning visitors to their customers. Here are listed a few ways of how Live Chat can help in the growth of your business.

1. Increases Conversion Rate

Real time Live Chat is similar to helping out a customer in a real life shop. When a salesman or company representative goes and helps out a troubled browser in the aisle, there is a lot of chance that the person is going to end up buying something. Live Chat works in a similar fashion because the website browsers get instant help when they need it.


2.Customers Feel Valued

The end goal of each business is customer satisfaction which can only be achieved if the customers feel valued. Live Chat does just that. With instant assistance the potential customers experience the high-end service that they demand making them happy and satisfied. Happy customers are always equal to repeat business.


3.Live Chat is a More Convenient Option for Consumers

According to a study conducted by Forrester Research, 44% of the online customers say that instant assistance by a live customer support person during online purchase is one of the important features that a website can offer. Furthermore, ATG Global Consumer Trend study has reported that 63% consumers are more likely to come back to the website that has Live Chat, while 62% consumers are very likely to make a purchase again from the same website. Here is a visual representation of what kind of customer services consumers prefer.


 4.Competitive Edge

Offering Live Chat offers your business a competitive edge over other similar businesses that are only a click away for your potential online customers. If you are selling a product or a service that is similar to the other business, then it is your prompt quality customer support that will give you the advantage you need over other customers.