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98% of your website visitors leave without converting

saleschat.co supercharges website conversion rates with our amazing sales staff on your website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Having a real person to talk to increases the probability of closing a sale by 300 % .

Exponential Lead Conversion

Our chat operators are highly trained for converting leads into sales.

Real-Time Engagement

Instant communication keeps customers coming back to your website.

Customer Satisfaction

Instant complaint resolution results in greater customer satisfaction.

Maximize Marketing ROI

You Marketing ROI depends heavily on leads engagement & follow up .

Improve Retention Ratio

Instant support & feedback improves visitor’s retention ratio.






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Live Chat has the highest satisfaction level of all customer service channels .


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Automated Customer Service: The Future of your Business

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Chat Support Challenges 2018 Chat support is a form of communication between customers and the representatives. In this, both parties should be present at the same time to engage in the conversation. Chat support has many forms- from traditional means to modern ones...

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