Surveys and studies done over the past few years have shown that  outstanding customer support services significantly improve business sustainability rates.

Transition from transactional economy ( industrial age) to network economy ( internet age ) has made customer services important than ever before. Let’s put it this way – how many times have you referred  a restaurant to a friend where the service is poor or inhospitable as compared to places where you were always greeted with a smile and were handled with care?

And yet there are only 15% organizations that consider the ‘Return on Service’ as a competitive factor in retaining customers. However, when you look at the flip side of the coin and talk directly to the customers, you will know that more than half, or 60%, actually seek a balance between service and price; whereas there are still 25% customers who would even pay more simply to experience better service.

Listed below are 6 reasons which clearly highlight the direct impact of customer service on business sustainability


    1.  Customer Satisfaction Will Directly Ensure Sustainability of Business

With a pronounced enhancement of customer service, you can ensure that your customers are not going to become disloyal to you or your product and will keep coming back to the same place for more.


      2. It Will Reduce Organization’s Marketing Costs

Because the good reputation of the company that manages to keep its customers happy and satisfied floats around easily through word of mouth, the organizations don’t have to worry about spending a lot on marketing gigs to pull in customers.


       3. Great Customer Service Ensures Competitive Advantage in the Market.


When selling a product/service that is commonly sold by other brand names as well, it will be the extraordinary customer support that gives you the edge.

      4. Improved Customer Rating Automatically Pulls in More Customers.

The customers have their own way of rating businesses and good customer service puts the name of the company right on the top.


      5. The Frequency as Well as Number of Times the Customers Shop With You Increases.

Because of the value given to the customers by the organization, the customer becomes bound to return to the same place and that too frequently.


     6. Work-Flow Practices Become Consistent.

One of the ways companies can ensure sustainable growth is keeping the work-flow practices consistent and that can be kept through active customer support engagement.


What steps have you taken to improve your customer services ? What were some results of providing better services , you can share your findings with us below.