You have worked so hard to optimize your website on Google and obviously have invested in the process. If you want to double or triple your website’s conversion rate, then you ought to know the six strategies that are proven to boost conversion rates. Below is the outline of high-impact strategies to start using NOW


1. Determine your website’s main purpose. (This will lead you to the next steps, so you should check this out.)

  • Determine the action you’d like your visitors to take – buy, download, subscribe…
  • Find out if you would like to drive sales for your services.
  • Or, are you selling products?
  • Perhaps, you would like to increase newsletter subscriptions.
  • Before improving your website’s conversion rate, you should identify what its purpose is so that you can be on the right track when working on this first step.


 2Make use of an effective call-to-action after determining the main purpose of your website.

  • Get a well-targeted call-to-action in place. This is your ‘take’ asking a visitor to buy, download and subscribe— all meant for increased conversion.
  • You may want to include banners and hyperlinks all over the site, with the anchor text “click here for _____.”
  • Add the CTA on the sales copy as well as in the layout of your site so that it would be easier for visitors to see it. Every website page should have a CTA button.
  • Simplify the entire process of calling the visitor to act. You should not redirect him to several website pages before completing the action; otherwise, your conversion will be lower.


 3. Improve your offer.

  • Improve the quality of your information.
  • Ensure that content is useful and relevant.

 4. Improve your website’s design for a good impression.

People have higher expectations on site designs due to emergence of YouTube, Facebook and WordPress. Check your site design and determine what impression it leaves users with.

  • Make an eye-catching website

5. Look into your sales copy.

  • Make one that can compel a reader to take action on what you offer. Use the best words that can convince a reader to take your offer.
  • Hire a pro if you should for a better sales pitch. Choose one with proven reputation in creating a superior quality sales copy.

6.Add testimonials on your site.

  • Needless to say, people are always looking for proof, and what’s more than user experience? Show potential customers, buyers or subscribers that they, just like others, could benefit from your offers.
  • More testimonials could be better!


Those are the six proven strategies for conversion optimization you should be using for increased sales for your company. Through them, you can see prospects being magnetized towards you and your offers. Definitely, it would be worth your effort and time applying any or all these ideas for improvement for better results. Study and weigh your options and see results coming your way starting today!