Definitive Guide to the Key Metrics For Managed Chat Service

Comprehensive guide to Managed Chat Service

Gearing up for the trend? Worry less as these key metrics will help you reach the top!

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“A comprehensive guide on how the key metrics for managed chat service contribute to business success.”


1. Managed Chat Service

Managed chat service is a  small applet on your website that allows your visitors to connect with you through a chat. You can provide 24/7 coverage through your trained agent. One of the best features of managed chat service is that you can encrypt all conversations so that your leads can connect with confidence to share their sensitive business and other issues.

According to research, 40% of your clients communicate with you outside of standard dealing hours. You can lose these consumers if you just give a phone or email service. With managed chat service, you can get these buyers too. You can engage with prospects, generate leads and grow customer retention rates using managed chat service.


3. Key Metrics For Managed Chat Service

For a managed chat service to work its best, monitoring its performance on a regular basis is vital. There are many metrics for managed chat service that can proffer you productivity, quality data, and performance. Although these strategies vary from business to business, some of these make the foundation of managed chat service.

Number of Chats

In managed chat service, it describes the number of chats your team deal with. Along with it, this metric also guides you when you should hire new agents to cope with additional conversations. Your higher rate of chat volume in managed chat service indicates more chances you can have to handle customers’ queries and attract them to purchase.

The content of conversations can be valuable for you to figure out the difficulties of those clients that need detailed information because FAQs are not sufficient to satisfy them. You can categorize your discussions of managed chat service into three parts-successful chat, missed chat rate and a number of offline requests.

Chat Tagging

You can track brief data of your conversation with the visitors in managed chat service. In this way, you can analyze the main points of interaction, filtered the archive chat and reports by those tags. These communications are tagged as support, sales, and spam. By categorizing these, you can have the idea which discussions are necessary and which are just junk for your managed chat service.

Having a large number of irrelevant chats depict that your visitors are doubtful in solving any query and need your assistance. To eradicate this situation, you can update your website, managed chat service and set up a pre-chat survey.

Staff Planning

Extending the metric of the number of chats, you can plan about your staff in peak months or even in the regular peak hours for managed chat service. Such as June – August are peak months for any business and you can’t able to monitor and handle conversations with existing representatives.

Furthermore, you can also observe the discussion of each agent per shift. If the chat rate of specific representative rises, it depicts that your visitors are increasing and you should start hiring new members. To examine this, You can fix the number of chat per agent in managed chat service. Such as each member can have 100 conversations in an 8-hour shift. A rise in score means you need some new spokespersons.


5. Customer Satisfaction

This metric is all about tracking your clients’ happiness for your managed chat service. You can gather the data about;

  • Customer’s feedback and review.
  • The number of visitors that prefer communication through managed chat service.
  • Agents that perform best in a specific time.

These tracked information can enable you to analyze the weak points of your team or a single representative in managed chat service. You can announce specific training sessions based on these low features if you are getting a bad score for a long time. You can also check sales and support tags that you have made in the number of chats to analyze their comfort.


7. Sales Conversion Rate

Your sales also matter in managed chat service. A higher conversion rate depicts that you have well-trained agents and your managed chat service is working properly.

On the other hand, a low conversion rate permits you to have a detailed view of the performance of your system as well as your team. You can check:

  • Either your agents are working in hectic hours properly and satisfying all the visitors or not using your managed chat service.
  • Analyze if you are using so much automation. Use virtual assistants only for basic FAQs. Your consumers need more human touch when they have a complex issue.
  • Allow your buyers to share their sales experience so that your representatives can gain new ideas and knowledge.
  • Training is the foremost thing for managed chat service. Train your agents on a regular basis. Support your team to explore when you have any update in your system.

2. Why Managed Chat Service For Your Business

Research has shown that 83% of the consumers prefer to shop from the brands that offer managed chat service on their website. Many organizations are now establishing managed chat service to generate quality leads, higher customer retention and to boost sales. That’s quite impressive when you get so many returns by the installation of one single thing in your site. But there are some of the long-term fruits of managed chat service. Let’s have a look at these.

Quality of Interaction

Managed chat service allows you to conversate with your guests in real-time. You can solve their concerns in just a single interaction. It presents a smooth online customer experience across all operating systems including desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. Your clients are now confident that you are easy to reach through managed chat service. You can provide even more quality interaction if you follow some tricks.

  • Greet your guests professionally and with courtesy.
  • Use targeted proactive conversation. You should proactively recognize visitors who may need guidance and then raise the chat window with them using managed chat service.
  • Your system should accept the chat automatically and inform the buyer that the agent will respond right away.
  • Check conversation history for returning guests.
  • Integrate managed chat service with your CRM tool.

Quick and Convenient Service

44% of the clients find managed chat service quick and convenient when they got instant solutions during an online purchase. Your prospects don’t have to wait for a call and email that covers hourly wait. Presently, many consumers prefer text messages over phone calls and emails. You can realize now that managed chat service is a most liked trend in the market.

Managed chat service also offers you to customize your live chat with personalized greetings and automated responses. When your agents are busy in handling complex issues or even in the rush hours, the automated response can solve simple queries.

Not only this, you can even monitor the conversations and can update your customer relationship automatically using managed chat service.


4. Number of Tickets

In managed chat service, tracking of tickets give you the data of your solved and open issues. It gives you the picture of the performance of your team. Secondly, it identifies the major problems as well as the additional resources required for the ticket-solving process. When you are using this metric in managed chat service, always categorize tickets into following sections.

  • Solved: The team has successfully accomplished the task through managed chat service.
  • Open: Your agents are working on these tickets.
  • Pending: These cases are solved but need confirmation or feedback from the consumers.

Unassigned:  It depicts that no one is still working on these cases. But you shouldn’t keep any ticket unassigned in managed chat service.


6. Ticket Resolution Satisfaction

Using this metric in managed chat service allow you to analyze that whether your given solution is required by your client or not. Maybe that isn’t the one they are expecting. You can also use First Time Response(FTR) to measure how much time your agents take to notice an issue and take action. After this, you will be able to send customers an update that how much time you need to resolve their concerns.

To achieve a high graph of ticket resolution satisfaction, you should reduce the time for each ticket resolution. You can do this by practicing the following tips:

  • Offer self-service in managed chat service. 40% of the buyers prefer self-service overall, as it empowers them to solve their issues without any guidance and delay.
  • Lessen the workflow and processes to solve any query, placing an order and billing. It will consume and put the time burden to your customers.

8. Customer Rating

Your consumer rating decides how well you are in offering managed chat service. That’s why you should ask your guests and buyers for rating at the end of a conversation. For example, you can offer thumbs up or thumbs down, 5 stars or even different emoticons to examine the reaction of clients. In this way, you can analyze the overall support quality in the long run and decide your future plan for managed chat service.

It assists you to take measures to prevent any dissatisfaction and keep the client loyal. You can also filter the archived chats of managed chat service to find the conversations that were rated negatively. You can recognize the common concerns and offer feedback to your agents.