Review Chat Scope

1. Service Inquiry

In client’s perspective, these are the concerns about the service. The information they need to know, pricing and most especially the process on how to boost their product’s reviews.

4.  Legitimacy

In customer’s end, they will definitely ask the reliability of the product reviews. This is where an explanation on how BRG collate date from different consumers of different retailers.

2. Product Inquiry

These are the questions from the customers regarding the available items per categories. Specific details can be asked, recommendations, comparison of each brands and how to make a purchase.

5. Platforms and Affiliations

Queries about where the reviews are generated and what e-commerce platforms has the most popular review. This is where the consumers can make a purchase.

3. Benefits and Guarantee

Clients and customers may obtain information on how they can benefit from the reviews on BRG’s platform. This can be a good point of upselling.

6. Support

Client’s End: What support can they get from BRG aside from marketing.

Customer’s End:Customer Service Enthusiast will accommodate all the questions and provide research assistance thru live chat.