Review Chat Scope

1. Accommodations

These are the questions and concerns about the different rooms available together with the respective inclusives.

4. Condominium Ownership & Rentals

This includes how clients can purchase or own a condominium, guarantees and benefits as well as financing. As per rentals, this is a presentation on the available units, the terms and conditions and how the property is handled accordingly.

2. Reservations

The customers will definitely ask about reservation policy and perks. This part can be an upselling.

5. Payments

This channel will explain how payment is accepted from reservation, while staying and up until the check-out. This section can also help in guiding the customers with the payment to other services.

3. Policies and Amenities

Just like other hotels, Acanto will surely want a comfortable ambiance and hassle-free for the clients. This part will help the customers understand important policies while getting the perks they deserve upon check-in or even during inquiries.

6. Other services

There are other services available that the clients will surely enjoy. Gym & Spa, as well as Dining in services, are absolutely available!  Acanto wishes to maximize the potential, Wedding Services, Private Club Membership and other real estate concerns will be answered accordingly.